/now – stuff I’m doing currently

Inspired by Derek Sivers’ /now and popularised by Patrick Rhone.

Winter 2023


The Cat Who Saved Books–Sosuke Natsukawa (translated Louise Heal Kawai). A birthday present. So far very entertaining; the protagonist Rintaro coming to terms with inheriting a 2nd hand bookshop from his late grandfather. But this bookshop has its own talking cat who persuades Rintaro to help out in a quest to defeat enemies who have lost the meaning and importance of literature.

Software design for flexibility–Chris Hanson and Gerald Jay Sussman. The name Gerry Sussman attached to any book is likely to catch my attention. This covers ideas for framing software construction in the shadow of the amazing structures which comprise biological systems.


Clariloops–Ruby Lulham’s project combining looped clarinet and electronic sounds.

The Poet Laureate Has Gone to His Shed–a BBC radio programme in which the eponymous poet has chats with people in his shed. A new series has started; the previous series had a great interview with Johnny Marr.