• Still impossibly cute. After all these years.

  • Walk. New year. #photo #2019

  • “people are all really the same: they respond well to kindness; they like to share what they have; they want to bequeath peace to their children” www.theguardian.com/commentis…

  • Christmas Day evening, once the cooking and eating was done, browsed this gift. Coincidentally, Apollo 13 was on TV and the AGCs featured (most in terms of the trepidation that having to switching them off to save power occasioned).

  • The sage was frosty this morning as I picked it to make stuffing for our meal. Happy Christmas and Holiday celebrations everyone!

  • Paper. #photo #2018

  • Brexit and technology: How network effects will damage UK IT industry - Ross Anderson

    What would the world’s engineers think about moving to Britain after a high-profile vote for xenophobia?

  • Rock. #photo #2011

  • I think mum would have been fascinated that the Christmas tree lights are HomeKit-enabled. But equally, happy that as ever we have the star from a Nepal market in pride of place.

    Tech assembled with:

    from flask import Flask

    import explorerhat as eh

    app = Flask(name)

    @app(‘/on’) def on(): eh.motor.two.forwards(50) return ‘ON’

    @app(‘/off’) def off(): eh.motor.two.forwards(0) return ‘OFF’

    @app(‘/brightness/') def brightness(level): eh.motor.two.forwards(int(level) / 2) return 'Level %s' % level

  • Up #photo #2018

  • Yellow. #photo

  • A very engaging food/travel documentary.

    Nadiya’s Asian Odyssey, Series 1: 2. Nepal: www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0bvkdjb via @bbciplayer

  • Grey #photo #2018

  • Blue. #photo #2012

  • Red. #photo \2018

  • Green.

  • Today the background to my work has been Nakane Touré’s music www.youtube.com/watch

  • Tomato and pistachio tart. Before cooking. Oh, and hello micro.blog…

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