• Cool — what I think of this tree, no matter how many times I see it. #mbfeb #photo #2020

  • There’s a brief rest from the downpours, but the Rhiangoll is very much in spate. #mbfeb

  • There’s a stream running down the road, and branches down. The balance of nature is disturbed. #mbfeb

  • It’s a year since we lost Jeremy Hardy. Sorely missed.

    “It is often said there aren’t enough women in the boardroom. But in reality there are thousands of women in boardrooms. It’s just that they’re the women who have to clean boardrooms at 4.30 in the morning and then be home in time to get their kids off to school before going to their other job while hoping their asylum claim isn’t turned down because they haven’t got enough documents to prove they were sufficiently tortured to satisfy a civil servant in Croydon.”


  • Warmth comes from the chilli relish at the top. #mbfeb #photo #2020

  • Rise. #mbfeb #photo #2020

  • Attachment😋. Me + this tiny cupcake. #mbfeb

  • This exhibition promises to be plain fabulous. #mbfeb canterburymuseums.co.uk/events/co…

  • Sign. Spam Onigiri, yum. #mbfeb #photo #2016

  • Lull. #mbfeb #photo #2020

  • Contrast. #mbfeb #photo #2020

  • Above. #mbfeb #photo #2020

  • Plant. #mbfeb #photo #2012

  • Hide. #mbfeb Oops! I’m in the picture.

  • Spot. #mbfeb

  • Reflect on music. #mbfeb

  • Sight. #mbfeb

  • Open. #mbfeb

  • Weathering with you

    Makoto Shinkai’s #WeatheringWithYou youtu.be/Q6iK6DjV_… has been characterised as both a fantastical love story between the two main protagonists www.theatlantic.com/culture/a… and an affront to climate change activists www.wired.co.uk/article/w… — symptomatic of some perceived apathy of Japanese society. But there’s a strong thread of people creating family, in the fragmented and desperate circumstances in which they find themselves. Families whose members include sage cats and old-beyond-their-years children. Running through it is a visual poem to rain, standing water and storms, all rendered in the director’s painstakingly beautiful style. Also humour. It explores people’s reactions, trivial and profound in the face of runaway climate change. And the dilemma; that which of us wouldn’t sacrifice the world for their nearest and dearest—even if characterised by wider society as ‘pretended family relationships’. Recommended viewing.

  • Watashi wa ‘Terrace House’ ( https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terrace_House_(franchise) ) ni yamitsuki desu. Sumimasen.

  • Stripe. #photo #2020

  • Fascinating interview with Donald Knuth — apart from the obvious, regarding his writing process (from 39:16).

    Which led me down a short exploration in expanding my limited knowledge of org-mode and its ability to evaluate code blocks in mixed source languages within an otherwise textual file.

  • Ponies + hills = Hill-ponies #photo #2020

  • Chuck Peddle — co-designer of the 6502 processor died recently

    This elegant ISA design (minimalist because of cost constraints) powered many iconic computer systems, which went on to change the world: eg the Apple II because… well Apple, and the BBC micro. Acorn’s BBC micro was designed for expandability; of ‘built-in’ languages (Lisp, Pascal, BCPL) alongside the BASIC system (whose design by Sophie Wilson was a model of ingenuity). It also became a key design tool in the development of the ARM processor. Which you may have heard of.

  • Dolwyddelan. #photo #2018

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