• No need for dogs to practice ‘social distancing’ — essential for owners though. #photo #2020 Mynydd Llangors

  • TIL that The Photographers’ Gallery have a podcast thephotographersgallery.org.uk/content/t… and other online content thephotographersgallery.org.uk/viewpoint…

  • A vision of the future. #mbfeb

  • The Delian Mode—documentary about sound pioneer Delia Derbyshire. youtu.be/nXnmSgaeG…

  • Leap. Maybe not today. #mbfeb

  • Below this Raspberry Pi 4 case are handy cutouts for attaching Lego. Which is nice. #mbfeb

  • Together. Mountains, boy, memory of a birthday celebration at the summit. #mbfeb

  • The hills didn’t escape a dusting of snow. #mbfeb

  • The hurdle of starting the day has been cleared with the help of this. I’m also cheered by the red star on top. It’s the Marmalade that Matching Mole would have happily endorsed. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matc… Totally yummy. #mbfeb

  • If only the current available from a USB port was double what the spec allows. Running a Pi 4 is pushing it. #mbfeb

  • Station. Shown today, second photo (source: spellerweb.net) is a postcard from 1910. The building was demolished in the late 1960s. I wonder how many of the figures on the platform survived the next 10 years. #mbfeb

  • What causes this spectacle? Sodium I guess. #mbfeb

  • This, one stepping-stone on my progress as an engineer. #mbfeb

  • Scale. These weighed ingredients for jam tarts, mince pies, with that fine, crumbly pastry I haven’t tasted for years. #mbfeb

  • Space. #mbfeb

  • I oppose this takeover of my chair #mbfeb

  • Cool — what I think of this tree, no matter how many times I see it. #mbfeb #photo #2020

  • There’s a brief rest from the downpours, but the Rhiangoll is very much in spate. #mbfeb

  • There’s a stream running down the road, and branches down. The balance of nature is disturbed. #mbfeb

  • It’s a year since we lost Jeremy Hardy. Sorely missed.

    “It is often said there aren’t enough women in the boardroom. But in reality there are thousands of women in boardrooms. It’s just that they’re the women who have to clean boardrooms at 4.30 in the morning and then be home in time to get their kids off to school before going to their other job while hoping their asylum claim isn’t turned down because they haven’t got enough documents to prove they were sufficiently tortured to satisfy a civil servant in Croydon.”


  • Warmth comes from the chilli relish at the top. #mbfeb #photo #2020

  • Rise. #mbfeb #photo #2020

  • Attachment😋. Me + this tiny cupcake. #mbfeb

  • This exhibition promises to be plain fabulous. #mbfeb canterburymuseums.co.uk/events/co…

  • Sign. Spam Onigiri, yum. #mbfeb #photo #2016

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