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The expanding family of Scratch

:: Scratch, Snap, Pi, Smalltalk

Scratch is a much loved visual programming application, created by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group of MIT Media Lab and often used for providing a first introduction to coding. For good reason it’s one of the six coding tools displayed in the programming menu of the Raspberry Pi. There’s a common impression that visual languages are just for beginners, and have to be replaced by textual languages for ‘proper’ programming.

‘there is a limited benefit [of Scratch] in a college level education.’ 1

Two languages, twenty minutes

:: Smalltalk, Lisp, Pharo, Racket, Pi

Some notes from my talk at the Raspberry Pi ‘Big Birthday Weekend’; entitled ‘Two languages in twenty minutes’ it introduced a couple of programming languages—Pharo (Smalltalk) and Racket (Lisp) running on the Pi 2 Model B. And some background on why you might want to run them.

(PDF of the slides should you find it useful).