Hello, my name is Steve Lloyd.

I’m an engineer with a number of professional interests, including Lisp-like languages–particularly Schemes, and Smalltalks. I am interested in language hardware support, and the teaching of computing. Mostly, I like building things.

My work has included medical instrumentation development, upper atmospheric sciences research at Halley Station, Antarctica (where, at the time for what it’s worth, reckon I might have had the world’s most southerly Mac), mobile robotics, undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, and publishing technology. My favourite job so far was working for the company High Level Hardware (can your current computer run eight different instruction sets concurrently?) I’ve also driven routers (the type with scary, spinning metal bits) with Common Lisp, and in the distant past wrote a collaborative communication tool with an unholy combination of the (late, lamented) HyperCard and and Scheme.

I love my family, hills, and making stuff.

I’m on twitter at @zosho.

I enjoy snapping photos. For example here and here.